About Art In Oxfordshire

and why you should list your Artwork with us

Art in Oxfordshire has been started by people who are passionate about art, have a history of working in the visual arts and are enthusiastic about Oxfordshire and it’s art scene.

Art in Oxfordshire was also started to give artists a vehicle to exhibit and sell their work at a fraction of the costs that a regular art gallery might charge in commission.

Our aim is to make an artists life as simple and rewarding as possible.

Exhibiting your Artwork

Exhibiting your Artwork is incredibly simple.

You can showcase up to four works completely free and there are no catches and no membership fees.

For more than four works we do make a small and reasonable charge (simply because more works take up more space on our server).

Please contact [email protected]

All we ask is:  

You supply us with good quality photographs of your artworks

You give us a brief description of each artwork

You give us a brief biography of yourself as the artist

You Don't have to just exhibit

As we say above, You can exhibit up to four works completely free.

If you have more than four works you could, if you wish, make the additional artworks available for sale. This will avoid the small charge we make of over four.

Selling your Artwork

If you wish to sell your artworks via Art in Oxfordshire it’s very easy and straight forward.

As the artist, you set the price you want a customer to pay for the artwork.  (We do require that the price you set is no more than anywhere else that your work is available. You can charge less but no more).

You supply us with good quality photographs of your artwork

You give us a brief description of the artwork which we can include on the specific item sale page (and any other details that might be relevant).

You give us a brief biography of yourself as the artist

You advise us of reasonable costs for shipping separately.

You supply as accurate as possible dimensions.

You supply us with Artists Provenance

You advise us of your VAT status

And that’s it. We will ask you to sign a form declaring that the artwork is yours to sell and is not copyrighted, or copied from anyone else.


In exchange we will market your works online, on social media and in the press.

Every so often we will be holding curated exhibitions of works in Oxfordshire galleries. If we choose an artwork of yours we would like it if you could supply the gallery with your work.

We charge a flat 15% of the selling price (not including postage) as commission (20% if sold during a gallery exhibition).

You will be alerted as soon as possible after a work has sold and all you have to do is wrap it carefully and send it off – insured.

You will receive your payment plus your specified postage costs, less commission within 30 days of the despatch date.